Undergraduate Degree

University of Georgia 2008 – 2012

B.S. Psychology

B.A. German


Masters Degree

University of Maryland 2013 – 2015

M.A. Sociology


PhD Candidate

University of Maryland – 2015 – Present

PhD Sociology


Data Analysis

I am trained in statistical analysis with STATA and SPSS, though I have limited experience with R and SAS. I am also versed in social media data analysis including using qualitative data analysis software (MaxQDA).


I have experience writing as an academic including journal articles and book chapters. I also have experience writing for media outlets including Revelist, Resist Media, Gradient, and Huffpost BlackVoices

Social Media Marketing

I am experienced in social media marketing. I am familiar with most platforms and have experience providing support for mid-sized companies as well as university departments.

Curriculum Vitae


University of Maryland 

Employment Period: 2013 – Present

Position: Graduate Teaching and Research Assistant 

Roles and Responsibilities:

Provide in-classroom support to undergraduate students studying sociology. Assistant students during office hours. Cultivate and assess student success on assignments. Assist sociologists in execution of research projects. Conduct literature reviews. Conduct data collection and analysis with both quantitative and qualitative methods. Write findings and submit for publication in books and academic articles. Participate in departmental service as social media coordinator. Act in the capacity of co-instructor. Present research findings at local and national conferences.


Northwest Exterminating

Employment Period: 2012 – 2013

Position: Marketing Associate

Roles and Responsibilities:

Act as liaison between corporate and satellite offices. Report to the marketing manager. Create and maintain databases to track marketing expenses. Collect and assess customer feedback through survey response. Implement and maintain relationships with vendors for acquisition of marketing material . Assist in the maintenance of social media pages including responses to customer feedback. Write and post weekly blog posts. Braintstorm content creation including billboard design. Act as team player in weekly meetings and assistance to coworkers.


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